Here at Huneycutt Family Medicine, we hate how impersonal health care has become in the last couple decades. We recognize your time is valuable and we never make you wait long waits only to rush you in and out of the door. As your Loveland physician, we take the time to sit down and listen to you so that we can take care of your specific issues and develop a plan for you. With the New Year on our heels, a lot of us are sitting down to make resolutions. Today, we’ve got some resolutions for you to consider that will lead to a healthier 2015.

Firstly, we highly suggest you put “Get Health Insurance” on your list of things to better yourself in 2015. This is often easier now with the Affordable Care Act as pre-existing conditions are now accepted, more children are covered, many states expanded their medicaid eligibility, and federal subsidies have made insurance affordable for those with lower incomes.

Make sure your doctor is the right doctor for you. Will they be covered by your health insurance? Are they paying careful attention to you and your health, as well as preventative care? Can you see your physician whenever you need to? Schedule a doctor’s appointment early in 2015 check your risk for serious illnesses and get advice on preventing disease.

Recognize your unhealthy habits and make today the day you take steps to correct these habits. Whether it’s excessive drinking, smoking, drug abuse, a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight, not getting enough sleep, or being in an abusive relationship, admitting that you have an unhealthy habit is the first step in kicking the habit.