As a young woman there are many factors to take into consideration when making decisions about your health. One big decision you’ll make for your health is whether or not you should start taking contraceptives. The tough part about considering contraception is deciding between the risk of not being on birth control, as well as the risks involved with contraception. To get started on finding the answer to these questions, you should talk to your family physician. Before going to see your family doctor, come up with a list of questions for them.

Here is a list of questions we recommend asking your doctor.

  • Ask your doctor about the most typical side effects of birth control, and any associated health risks.
  • Ask about the many forms that birth control can come in, so that you can find the best fit for you.
  • If you’re currently taking any other medications, ask about the potential for negative reactions when taking a contraceptive.
  • If you’re a smoker, ask your doctor about the risks of smoking while on birth control.
  • Ask your doctors about the benefits of taking contraceptives.

The choice to go on birth control is not an easy one to make. It’s important that you spend time thinking about what will best fit your lifestyle, as well as the balance of your body. Asking your primary care physician these questions will help to start a dialogue about birth control in your life. Schedule an appointment with your Top Rated Local® family medical practice to get all your questions, answered.