Make an Appointment with Your Family Doctor In Loveland 

Once again, the time of year where many people get sick with the flu is here and it’s important that you’re prepared. Before flu season is in full swing,  you should go to your local family practice and ask your doctor about getting you and your family the flu shot.  

Here’s why You Need a Flu Shot

  1. You need to prepare your children – Nothing is worse than a child with the flu. Between the coughing and high temperatures, body chills and any other symptom of the flu, if your child catches the flu from a classmate at school, you’ll both be regretting not getting the shot.
  2. Time – Getting the flu is no fun and on top of that it takes time to get over it. In fact, the effects of the flu can linger and make you feel terrible for a lot longer than just the duration of having a fever. The amount of time you have to spend in bed in healing is time missed from work, school and any other activities you take part in.
  3. It’s Dangerous – The effects of the flu can be extremely dangerous, as high temperature can affect the brain. Your children are also at risk for getting an ear infection while sick with the flu.

If you choose to visit your local family doctor to get a flu shot, you’ll be thanking yourself when the flu is in full swing and you’re remaining healthy. Getting the flu is debilitating at times, but it can be avoided. Be sure to contact our family practice for an appointment to get your flu shot.