The most critical part in treating people in a family practice is the ability to listen to them to determine what is wrong and the best path to take for care. We are not in the business of herding people into the office and stacking appointments on top of each other so tight that everyone has to wait. We do that by taking the time to listen to our patients for signs and symptoms of what they are experiencing.

We like to share the questions we get at our family practice so more than one person can benefit from the advice. Here’s a question our physician, Dr. Huneycutt, fields from time to time.

Dear Loveland Family Physician,

I have been getting sick more the last couple of years so I believe that I am going to have to break down and get a flu shot this year. I have never felt the need to get the flu shot since I rarely get sick. Is it too early in the season to get a flu shot? I am 48 years old. Is it recommended that I get the flu shot based on my age? Thank you for answering my question.


Wondering in Loveland


Dear Wondering,

Those are excellent questions. Thank you for writing our blog to ask them. It is not too early to get the flu shot and if you have been more susceptible to the flu recently then you would be very wise to change your routine and get the shot this year. As for your second question, the flu shot is recommended that people over 50 years of age (along with children who are younger than six years old, pregnant women, and anyone with chronic ailments).

You can contact us to set up an appointment to get the shot or ask for more information.

Thank you again for writing in.


Huneycutt Family Medicine