Thank you for checking back on our blog for Huneycutt Family Medicine. Dr. Huneycutt’s Loveland family practice realizes the most important part of treating a person is listening to them to find out what is wrong and what happened to lead up to your appointment. We are not in the office to rush you out the door and move on to the next patient. We care about our patients and want to see them thrive in their treatment and after it. The only way we can do that is to take the time to get a good picture the patient. Being your health care provider is of the utmost importance to us and we prove it every day at the office. Our goal is to help you get healthy, and you are a big part of that process. Give us a try. You will be glad you did.

We thought we would just take a minute to review some articles published on our site about patient care. Below you will find a short excerpt from a couple of our detailed and informative blog posts. We will also post a direct link to the blog post in case you would like to read it in its entirety.

Huneycutt Family Medical: The Loveland Family Practice

“When you are sick or in need of health care, you need a doctor that is willing to sit with you– to be close to you and understand both how your body works and that you are more than just a conglomeration of cells, but rather that you are a human being with thoughts and feelings.”

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A Loveland Physician Who Listens

“When you visit the doctor, you don’t want to sit in the waiting room for half an hour, be escorted into an examination room where you wait some more, then only receive a few minutes of the doctor’s time before you leave.”

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