Welcome back, in our last blog we talked about the kind of care that you can expect to receive from our family physician. We told you about the honest guidance you can receive from the experienced physician at Huneycutt. But this week we want to let you in on some information about our services, and how making us your primary care provider would be good for your health. While we offer a wide variety of services, we want to highlight a few of the most important ones that we provide.


  • Lab Testing – Instead of sending our samples to an outside lab service, we do it in house, which means quicker results that you can trust.
  • Sports Physicals – Every year that your child is enrolled to play sports, whether for their school or for a rec league, you are required to provide a physical that states your child is physically fit to play.
  • Injuries – On the other side of the healthy coin, you find injury. Playing sports can lead to injury, so we provide care for healing those injuries.
  • Cosmetic Procedures – If those lines on your face are starting to get you down, we offer botox injections here at our family medical practice.

These are just a few of the services we have to offer here at Huneycutt Family Medicine. Our primary care physician is ready to take on whatever ails you, so don’t hesitate to call and make an appointment with us. We also recommend taking a look at our services, to see if we can help you in your case. Stayed tuned to our blog for more information on our specific services.