It’s nearly the new year which means at the forefront of our minds are New Year’s resolutions.


The new year is a time of reflection and the goal is to make the upcoming year more impactful than the last. Many times the goals are body-centric — there is nothing wrong about getting healthier, but if you’re looking for an alternative that’s not based on losing weight, we’ve got you covered.


At Huneycutt Medicine, we are a family medicine clinic serving the community of Loveland. We cover everything from wellness visits to family planning and contraceptives — health care throughout the entire lifecycle. Get ready to set intentions and resolutions for a healthy and fulfilling new year.

Become Better in The New Year


Resolutions can be draining more times than not — the quest to be perfect and stay on track can be stressful and it can compound and leave you frazzled in the other areas of your life. Below are new year’s tips or considerations to impart to guide you to becoming better in the new year (without being so focused on our bodies)!


Cultivate Community


Having people around us is a sure way to support our immune and emotional health. As adults, one of the most difficult aspects is creating lasting and meaningful friendships, but we need them! Gather the people who add value to your life and share it with them. Start doing dinners and building relationship.


Practice Better Metal Fitness


What does this mean? Metal fitness is simply putting into practice things such as forgiveness, apologizing, and boundaries. Carrying around stress weighs us down — it makes us anxious. And, believe it or not, carrying these things can manifest in illness. If you experienced a breakup or a loss, this year is the time to sit and explore these emotions, reach out, heal, and begin to move on.


Learn Something New


Learning a new skill in the new year is a wonderful way to get involved with your community and with your family. Take a language class or check out a new fitness class — whatever you may fancy, try something new to challenge and ignite your brain.


Create, Create, Create!


Everyone has the ability to create things — create art, write, or cook. When you create you tap into your imagination and take part in something that goes beyond consumption, so a major way to hit the creativity vein in the new year is through creating.


Eat For Wellness


One thing our bodies are excellent at doing is communicating, not so much when all is well within us, but when things need to be addressed. What is your body telling you? Are you nurturing it with foods that make you feel good? Instead of eating for aesthetics with a plan to lose weight, try eating for wellness. Look at food as supporting your health — greens for their alkalizing properties and protein to help you build muscle.




If you’re constantly meandering through and stepping over things in your home, you may need to clear the clutter. Believe it or not, your surroundings can impact how you feel so if your home is disorganized and full of clutter, you may well feel anxious and on-edge. Clear your mind and support your emotional wellness by cleaning up in the new year.


Commit to Your Health


Committing to your health means nurturing it both in health and illness. Schedule a wellness visit with a family medicine clinic and discuss your health goals and check in with your doctor to see where things can get better.


When you partner with us, your Loveland primary care physicians, we can help support you in your health and wellness goals in the new year.