While kids are moaning and growing about going back to school, parents are rejoicing! The days of disorganization, staying up late, and consuming questionable foods are over, and it’s back to structured bedtimes and healthy family meals!


If you’re a parent or caregiver and ready for the school year to start, but still need to cross your t’s and dot your i’s when it comes to being prepared for the school year, let Huneycutt Family Medicine help! We’re Loveland’s premier family physician clinic providing services from back-to-school physicals to nutrition guidance. Join us in today’s post focusing on the foods and supplements that will help power your child’s brain for this upcoming fall.


Your child’s brain is developing at a rapid pace, so feed them the right foods!



Brain Boosters For Kids


During summer vacation kids brains — in the eye’s of their parents or caregivers — turn to mush! Between loads of ice cream, popsicles, and pizza and hours spent in front of various forms of technology, the school year is a welcomed relief. To help your kids a get a jump start to the school year, get them moving and eating right! Below are wonderful nutrients that give your kids’ brains a good boost!


B Vitamins


Folate – This B vitamin is essential for brain health in kids. It not only plays a crucial role in our energy metabolism, but it also supports healthy tissue and cell growth — great in developing brains. Find it in dark leafy greens, carrots, tomatoes, and peas.


B6 – B6 supports the immune and nervous systems and research have found its supplementation helps the symptoms of ADHD in children. Find B6 in whole grains, fish, poultry, and pork.


B12 – B12 is essential for nervous system functions and assists in brain cell communication. Find B12 in dairy, eggs, fish, and meat.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids


Omega-3’s have been shown to help children in mood, behavior, and developmental transitions. These essential fatty acids are required for optimal brain health and must come from our diet because our body is unable to produce them. Find omega-3’s in fish and nuts.




Choline is crucial to kids because it is a precursor to many neurotransmitters that support cognitive processing, in addition to memory function and brain development. Choline can be found in organ meats and eggs.


Vitamin E


Vitamin E is found in the brain and is associated with vision, memory, hearing, language, and complex learning processes. It is a beautiful antioxidant that complements omega-3’s and lutein for an enhanced cognitive function. Vitamin E is rich in sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, and broccoli.




This potent antioxidant gives fruits and veggies their purple pigments and support brain health by helping kids focus and retain their attention longer. You can find this in grapes and blueberries — if you juice is a better option, choose one that is 100 percent fruit juice and unsweetened to prevent sugar crashes.


Healthy eating habits and specific foods listed above are crucial to a child’s brain development, and can directly impact their success in the classroom. To help your child succeed, give them the brain boosters they need!


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