1. Get A Flu Shot At Your Loveland Family Physician

    The most critical part in treating people in a family practice is the ability to listen to them to determine what is wrong and the best path to take for care. We are not in the business of herding people into the office and stacking appointments on top of each other so tight that everyone has to wai…Read More

  2. Children & Emergencies, Loveland Urgent Care

    When your child has fallen and cut his knee up pretty bad and requires stitches, you want the most reliable care.  Save money and time by going to see Dr. Huneycutt for Loveland Urgent Care.  No need paying emergency room prices when you don't need to!  Dr. Huneycutt treats children of all ages i…Read More

  3. Working Out, Loveland Urgent Care

    When you work out the body will only change and grow muscle under stress.  However, you need to the know the difference between hard work and working out so hard you cause an injury either to the muscle or joint.  If you feel extreme pain when working out stop that movement and modify the exercise…Read More

  4. Building Muscle Strenghth, Loveland Urgent Care

    Before you join a baseball, flag football, basketball or hockey team make sure to exercise to build up your stamina and strengthen your muscles.  Get into a routine that includes stretching and make it stick.  Building a physical activity routine before you start out practicing or playing games wi…Read More

  5. Running For Exercise, Loveland Urgent Care

    Running is a great way to exercise.  It gets you outdoors and gets your heart pumping.  Before you start an exercise program that includes running be sure to have a physical by your doctor to make sure that it's ok to increase your activity level.  Start training gradually-don't go all out the fi…Read More

  6. Summer Activities, Loveland Urgent Care

    Outdoor summer activities are fun for the whole family.  Keeping kids active and engaged is important.  It is also a time for many accidents and kids getting hurt whether in good play or summer sports.  Be prepared by always having bug repellent, first aid kits and drinking water with you at all …Read More

  7. Digestive Problems, Loveland Urgent Care

    Foods we eat and drink can reek havoc on our digestive track.  Fatty foods, spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol can have a negative affect on digestion. If you are experiencing digestive problems, alleviating stress and eating a more bland diet can help.  Sometimes the gall bladder gets involved and…Read More