1. Allergies, Loveland Urgent Care

    There is a 25% chance that a child will have allergies if one parent, sister or brother has allergies.  The risk becomes much higher if  both parents have allergies.  Allergies can develop at any age but most commonly show up during childhood or early adulthood.  In almost every case if you have…Read More

  2. Colon Screening & Loveland Urgent Care

    Did you know that colon cancer claims the lives of over 50,000 men and women every year? Your digestive health is very important.  It is recommended at the age of 50 you start getting screened for colon cancer. Sooner if you have a family history of colon cancer.  This screening for colorectal can…Read More

  3. Diabetes Screen Blood Test, Loveland Urgent Care

    There is a blood test used to screen and diagnose diabetes and pre-diabetes.  This test is called hemoglobin A1c.  It gives your physician a good idea of the average amount of glucose in the blood over a few months.  This information can help determine the treatment of diabetes and whether or not…Read More

  4. Urgent Care Options, Loveland Urgent Care

    It’s important that you understand what options you have for urgent care type situations before you need them. Talk to your primary care doctor about the care settings near you and what types of emergency care he or she provides. There may even be a nurse or on-call doctor to help you.  You can s…Read More

  5. Healthy Habits, Loveland Urgent Care

    We all know that eating hamburgers and french fries and excessive drinking and smoking is not very good for us and cuts our life expectancy.  But what things can actually add time to our life?  Well, here are a few things that can add time your life-exercising 20 minutes a day, eating fruits and v…Read More