Huneycutt Family Medicine is a family owned and operated clinic that puts the interests of our patients first and foremost. Our goal is to involve you in decisions concerning your care. Our Loveland family practice caters to all ages, from the youngest to the oldest. Today we’re compiling a list of health mistakes you’re making before 10AM. Keep reading to have better morning and consequently better days.

Mistake #1: You’re hitting the ground running as soon as you jump out of bed. The problem is that you may be demanding too much from your back muscles, which are often stiff from a long night of resting in one place. Move too quickly and your muscles may spasm and put you at risk for lower back pain or even a slipped or ruptured disk!

Mistake #2: You’re keeping the window shades down while you get ready for work. Blackout shades turn your room into a dark, cozy cave that can help you fall sleep but their benefits last only until it’s time to get up! To help you start your day with a positive mood and to set your internal clock (so that you can wind down later at night), you need sunlight. Open those windows and curtains!

Mistake #3: You’re saving your treat until the afternoon. In a recent study it was found that when employees started the workday in a positive frame of mind, their mood got a bigger boost by pleasant events than if they started out glum and grumpy. Start your day off with a few sun salutations or by calling your sister on your way to work! You’ll feel better!