1. Loveland Urgent Care, Minor Emergencies

    Your regular physician is an option for emergency care that is not life threatening.  Emergencies that are not life-threatening like stitches, sprains, rashes, mild asthma, sprain or strain, cough or sore throat, ear ache, minor fever, mild allergic reaction, burning with urination and bumps, cut…Read More

  2. Loveland Urgent Care, Family Medicine Office

    The FDA is reporting that there have been  mercury poisoning cases that have been reported to be linked to certain skin creams, soaps and lotions, particularly products marketed as skin lighteners and anti-aging treatments.  Some of these products contain mercurous chloride,calomel,mercuric,mercu…Read More

  3. Loveland Urgent Care, Your Needs Taken Care Of!

    Dr. Huneycutt knows that things come up and you need to be seen right away.  Your urgent care needs are also taken care of at Huneycutt Family Medicine !  Dr. Huneycutt has been an emergency room doctor and an urgent care doctor so he has the experience you're looking for.  Now days a lot of urge…Read More

  4. Dr. Huneycutt Loveland Urgent Care Doctor

    Call Dr. Huneycutt for any urgent care you are needing!  His experience being a doctor in the emergency room leaves him very qualified to take care of any urgent problems your having.  He has many years in family practice, emergency rooms, urgent care clinics, health departments and multiple yea…Read More